Heart Throb | Endless Hearts Samsung Clear Case

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The Heart Throb Case is a phone case designed for romantics. Featuring a heart pattern on a white or clear background, it lets you express your love in a stylish way. This case offers protection despite its sweet design, thanks to rounded edges that shield your phone from bumps and drops. Available in Bold and Classic styles.

Product description

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About the Heart Throb | Endless Hearts Samsung Case

Lovebirds, heed the call! The Heart Throb Case will make your phone feel loved.
Love, is that your middle name? Wear your heart on your sleeve (or phone case) and bleed hearts? Then the Heart Throb Case is the perfect addition for all of you hopeless romantics out there.

Give your phone lots of love with this cute case that has a beautiful heart pattern on it. The Heart Throb case is a great way to spread happiness, whether you’re looking for love or already have a lot of it.

You can pick from Bold and Classic styles, and the background can be either a clear or a crisp white. The clear background makes a statement, while the white background makes a more subtle point. The basic color scheme lets your love for all things heart-shaped shine through no matter what you choose.

Don’t be fooled by how cute this case is; it’s made to last! Rounded edges that were specially made protect your phone from drops and bumps, so your love story stays safe.

With the Heart Throb Case, you get style, safety, and pure love all in one!

Available for Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S9


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