Daisy Daydream | Black Floral Samsung Case

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The Daisy Daydream case for Samsung Galaxy offers a unique black floral design with durable protection and improved grip (ridged edges). It adds a touch of elegance to your phone and works for various Samsung Galaxy models (check compatibility).

Product description

Daisy Daydream | Black Floral Samsung Case 1

Get rid of the dull and bring in the dark flowers with the Daisy Daydream Case for Samsung!
Not interested in any more bright flower phone cases? The Daisy Daydream case for Samsung Galaxy is here to make things different.

The soft white daisies in this beautiful pattern stand out against the bold black background, making for a sophisticated and striking look.

But don’t let the pretty flowers fool you! This case is strong and will last.

This is why you’ll love it:

  • Stand out from the crowd with a modern take on flowers in a black pattern.
  • Strong defense: This case protects your phone from drops and scrapes.
  • Better grip: The ridged edges make holding something safer and more comfortable.
  • Available for a number of Samsung Galaxy types (check to make sure they work!)

Flowers look good all year! With the Daisy Daydream Black Floral Case, you can give your phone a touch of classic style.

Available for Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy S9


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