Light Yellow AirPods Case

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The Light Yellow AirPods Case by Casely is a cheerful case that fits all AirPods models (Gen 1, 2 & Pro). It protects your AirPods from everyday wear and tear and features a slim design that maintains the original profile. The case also has a keyring for easy attachment and is wireless charging compatible. With its bright yellow color, it’s perfect for spring and summer and can be paired with other yellow or spring-themed Casely products for a complete look.

Product description

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About the Light Yellow AirPods Case

Casely’s light yellow AirPods case is like having sunshine in your pocket!
Everyone who wants some sunshine! The Light Yellow AirPods Case by Casely will make your day (and your tech) brighter. This bright case is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who feels good.

The Right Size for Every AirPod:

This case is perfect for all kinds of AirPods, from the originals to the newest AirPods Pro and everything in between. It fits over your old AirPods case (Generations 1, 2, or Pro) without any problems, giving you a snug and stylish update. The thin design keeps the sleek look of your AirPods while giving them a bit of a sunny personality.

Style and safety with a splash of color:

This case is built to last, even though it’s a bright color. Your AirPods will be safe from daily drops, bumps, dust, and dirt because of it. Plus, the bright yellow color goes well with other warm colors, making it the perfect spring and summer accent.

Comfort at Your Fingertips:

We know how hard it is to keep track of your AirPods. That’s why this case has a key ring that you can use. You can attach it to your bag, your keys, or anything else to make it easy to get to and safer. The best part? You never have to take the case off of your AirPods to charge them. You can do it wirelessly or with a regular cord.

Match Your Style and Vibe:

Want to step up your sunny look? You can make a killer outfit by putting on one of our bright yellow or spring-themed phone cases with your Light Yellow AirPods Case.

Don’t wait to make your everyday carry a little brighter. Get Casely’s Light Yellow AirPods Case right now!

Available for AirPods & AirPods Pro 1 & AirPods 3


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