Endless Peaks | Colorblock Mountain AirPods Case

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The Endless Peaks AirPods Case, designed by Maus Haus for Casely, features a beautiful landscape design inspired by the Australian Outback. This protective case, made with durable plastic, is perfect for nature lovers and music fans. It safeguards your AirPods from bumps, drops, and the elements during hikes, beach trips, or outdoor adventures. The keyring attachment keeps your AirPods secure and easy to access. Matching iPhone cases are also available.

Product description

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About the Endless Peaks | Colorblock Mountain AirPods Case

The Endless Peaks AirPods Case by Maus Haus lets you escape to peace and quiet.
People who love nature and music, listen up! Casely and Australian artist Maus Haus worked together to make the Endless Peaks AirPods Case, which will take you on a peaceful trip.

This beautiful design shows what the Outback is really like: a mesmerizing mix of wild scenery and calm colors. With every beat, it takes you to a peaceful world, making it the perfect visual partner for getting lost in your music.

But there’s more to this story than meets the eye. It protects your AirPods from the drops, bumps, and weather you might face on your daily adventures, like a hike in the mountains, a trip to the beach, or a nature walk. It’s made of tough, adventure-ready plastic.

The handy keyring connection lets you safely attach your AirPods to your bag or backpack. This keeps them safe and close at hand. Don’t worry about taking your music with you when you go outside next!

People who want to add a touch of art to their look and get the best protection should get this famous design. Get your Endless Peaks AirPods Case today and escape the everyday and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Also, like the artist? Look through all of our Maus Haus color block patterns! Want to make your tech look good? We also have an iPhone case ready for you. Let’s go on an adventure in style!

Available for AirPods & AirPods 3 & AirPods Pro 1 & AirPods Pro 2


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