Opposites Attract | Day & Night Colorblock Mountains AirPods Case

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The Opposites Attract AirPods Case captures the essence of freedom and adventure with a sun and moon design. Made with durable, waterproof plastic, this case protects your AirPods wherever you take them, thanks to the handy keyring for easy clipping. Matching iPhone cases are also available.

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About the Opposites Attract | Day & Night Colorblock Mountains AirPods Case

Different Things Draw AirPods Case: Catch Vibes Day and Night
Have you ever been on the highway with your best friend and blared music as the sun went down over the desert? We put that pure sense of freedom and excitement into the brand-new Opposites Attract AirPods Case.

This case is perfect for people who love to chase the sun down. On the front, there is a bright sun, and on the back, there is a cool full moon. You’ll feel the awakened warmth of the day and the peaceful calm of the night every time you open your AirPods.

Do not stress over the rough spots in the road. Drops, dings, and other scrapes that life throws at you won’t hurt our tough, waterproof plastic case. You can take your music with you to the beach, the gym, or anywhere else. The keyring makes it easy to attach the case to your bag or purse.

Get the Opposites Attract AirPods Case right now and carry those good vibes with you everywhere. Want a phone case but don’t have one? Don’t worry—we also have an iPhone case that goes with it!

Available for AirPods & AirPods 3 & AirPods Pro 1 & AirPods Pro 2


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